You're passionate about walking with Jesus

Are You Looking for more than a platitude or Band-aid Bible verse?

Been Wounded Spiritually?

5 Episode series featuring Katelyn Beaty, Dr. Diane Langberg, and others.

Curious about Practicing Sabbath?

4 Episodes focusing on types of rest and beginning a Sabbath practice as a family or individual

Longing for Healthy Tech Habits?

Episodes to help you and your family develop healthy tech habits .

Desire to expand your prayer practice?

Episodes and resources to shift your prayer focus from answers to communion with God.

questions about sex & identity?

Episodes addressing everything from talking to your kids about sex to transgender.

Needing Honest Conversation About Mental Health?

Episodes for the Christian who loves Jesus yet struggles with anxiety, depression, or...

Hello. I'm Amber

I love early, quiet mornings with Jesus, my Bible, a hot cup of coffee and did I mention quiet?  It’s my favorite! But I equally love connecting with Jesus loving women who have walked with Him long enough to know hard and good co-exist, along with joy and sorrow.

My mission is to help you work through hard faith questions while clinging to the the unwavering grace of God through conversations on the podcast and speaking at women’s events.