Questions About Sex & Identity?

Sex, Jesus, & Conversations the Church Forgot

Mo Isom on how God created sex, how honesty about sexual sin defeats the enemies schemes, how God desires a pure heart, and privacy vs. darkness.

Let's Talk Birds & Bees

Mary Flo Ridley on simple, foundational conversations to have with our children, ranging from toddlers to teens, that will shape their sexual health for years to come.

Discovering Freedom From Pornography

Nick Stumbo on discovering freedom from pornography, dealing with negative sexual history, normalizing the conversation in our churches and homes, behaviors vs. core beliefs, and how Pure Desire ministries helps people find freedom from sexual addiction.

Exposing Lies Christians Believe About Sex

Sheila Gregoire on some of the harmful messages many popular Christian books have put out when it comes to sex, intimacy, and a man’s need versus a woman’s need. 

Christian Identity & Intersectionality

Rosaria Butterfield on intersectionality and how that type of identity thinking differs from Christian identity.

Transformation & Holy Sexuality

Christopher Yuan shares his journey from being an agnostic gay man in prison to a follower of Jesus, who now teaches the Bible at Moody Bible Institute and travels around the world with his parents speaking on faith and sexuality.

Transgender to Transformed

Laura Perry on living as a transgender male for 10 years, her life leading up to the transition, and the transformation she experienced through the Word of God, Jesus, and the faithful prayers of her mother.

Talking Back to Purity Culture

Rachel Welcher on holding up God’s sexual ethic while proclaiming the truth that Jesus forgives and how purity is not a badge of honor that promises us a spouse, a great marriage or a fulfilled sex life.