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It’s one of my greatest joys to speak to women encouraging them in their walk with Jesus, their walk with others, and their understanding of God’s Word.

I am available to speak on a variety of topics. Scroll to the bottom for a list of sample talks.

I’d love to speak at your upcoming Christian women’s event, conference or retreat. 



RETHINKING COMPARISON: We mostly hear phrases like “comparison is the thief of joy” or don’t compare yourself to others, but comparison can be a useful tool if we use it to point us toward godliness.  I will walk your women through the dangers of comparison, how to have a healthy relationship with comparison, the good and fruit of comparison, and a leave them with a Heart Check tool to use when struggling with comparison.

BEAUTY AND BROKENNESS FROM GENESIS TO NOW: Beauty and brokenness are woven through God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.  In this talk ,I will walk your women through the Bible demonstrating that what we read in God’s Word should empower us to walk forward boldly in our faith and the purpose God has given us despite our brokenness, because in Him there is much beauty.

GRATITUDE PRACTICE BEYOND NOVEMBER: Having grown up a grumbler and experiencing post-partum depression I know first hand the power practicing gratitude (specifically gratitude to God) has to transform your life, your brain, and the atmosphere of your home.  In this talk, I will share portions of my journey with depression and the impact daily gratitude has had on my life, while giving tools, Scripture applications, and practices your audience can implement immediately.

THE VALUE OF INTRODUCING A WEEKLY SABBATH RHYTHM INTO YOUR LIFE: What is Sabbath?  Why should followers of Jesus observe the Sabbath? Those were questions I began asking in 2019, which led to a lot of reading, listening and brainstorming before implementing a Sabbath rhythm into our family of 5. In this talk, I will share how to begin practicing Sabbath, challenges you may face, resources to assist, along with my family’s experience.

VIEWING COMMUNITY THROUGH THE LENS OF JESUS’ COMMUNITY: Jesus demonstrates community to us throughout the gospels.  What he said, who He spent time with, where He went, and what He did can teach us how to live in community.  I will walk your women through how Jesus interacted and treated His inner circle, His followers, and the community at large. I will discuss how His example impacts our view of community and our participation in it today, while giving them a few exercises to help them begin living like Jesus.

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