EP. 38: Mo Isom

Mo Isom | Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot

Hi, I’m Mo and I am a New York Times bestselling author, a nationally sought-after speaker, and a zealous voice rising up for my generation.

 In my younger years, I was an All-American goalkeeper for the LSU Women’s Soccer team and the first female to train with and try out for an SEC men’s football team. 

My life was riddled with great personal tragedy – including battling an eating disorder, overcoming the suicide of my father, struggling with promiscuity, and surviving a horrific car accident.

 But by the grace of God, alone, I encountered the love and mercy of Jesus – the Great Deliverer and the One who makes all things new. I am now a Holy Spirit-filled daughter of God who isn’t afraid to speak bold, raw, courageous Truth to a generation being crushed under the weight of their sin, their circumstances and the lies of the enemy. 

I am a wife to the greatest man, Jeremiah, and a mom to our two spunky daughters, Auden and Asher. Atlanta, Georgia is home base for my family and for the incredible team God is building around us as we do ministry!

Mo and I chat about how God created sex, how honesty about sexual sin defeats the enemies schemes, how God desires a pure heart, and privacy vs. darkness.

5:11 Mo begins by sharing how she came to know Jesus and an overview of what she wrote in her first book Wreck Your Life.

“I knew a lot about God, but I didn’t know God and there’s a big difference.”

High School: “I didn’t know who I was or whose I was. I didn’t know how that whole Jesus component merged into the other 6 days of the week, so when identity issues came perfectionism began to bind me in a lot of ways.”

Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. –Matthew 11:28

“His [God] invitation to me was just begin to give Me the glory. You’ve lived so focused on self….Look at the things I am doing and we’ll go from there.”

“I went from this incomplete perspective of God to God in a box..to still this incomplete view of God: I give You the glory and You give me the blessing.”

“Suicide suddenly interrupted my story, especially the spiritual side, this faith walk layer. Suddenly this God I had been following and tip toeing with and figuring out and seeing all the goodness of, I felt like was a faros or had abandoned me or was not as good as I thought He was. Suddenly when things didn’t feel so good or the circumstances didn’t look so good in life I took off running.  I ran into depression, into anxiety, into promiscuity, into any sin sized  piece I could find to fill the God sized hole in my heart.”

John 16:33 says, In this world you will face trouble, but take heart, have courage, I have overcome the world.

“When we know God. When we hunger and thirst for His Word. When we know the character and nature and complexity or who He reveals Himself to be to us , there is a vast difference in how we handle the hardships. There is a divine hope in  the valley.”

“He will wreck your life to save your life and save your eternal story.”

“I will use anything and everything to disrupt your lost journey and point you back home and lead you and intersect your heart and your life.”

Be still and know that I am God –Psalm 46:10

25:10 Mo shares what led her to write her 2nd book Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot.

“Scripture says sin is defeated by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, so I think people seeing they’re not alone in something and hearing the radical truth of God all over it has been really neat to see the wave it has created.”

30:47 Mo shares why we, as Christians, should talk about sex

“God created it [sex] with purpose and with power. It is God’s invention…God created sex. It was a gift given to us by Him with parameters, with boundaries around it. It’s an act of worship in the right context. It’s actually a weapon against the enemy, in the right context. It is a profoundly God breathed gift and act. And yet we’re in a time where the culture, the enemy has stolen it, twisted it, cheapened it, perverted it, robbed it of the sanctity that it is to be married to and we are suffering as a result.”

“It’s our responsibility as a body of believers to seek truth on these matters, to know them, to walk in them, and to reach to those who are hurting and drowning and broken and defeated by a world that is screaming a very different narrative, yet also screaming #metoo…There’s no absolute truth. Whatever you feel, whatever you want, however, whenever, test drive the car before you buy it, navigate your own body, it’s your freedom, it’s your wants, it’s that same world that is propagating this message that then is like, I am really wounded.”

“The enemy has done an extraordinary job of silencing the church with shame and we’ve got to understand the Scripture calls us to a boasting in our weaknesses, so we can point to the glory of the cross. No sin has overtaken us that is uncommon to mankind. He is the one that meets the Samaritan woman by the well and drums up her sexual sin and offers her living water and calls her redeemed and activates her into evangelism and many come to believe because the sexually broken woman encountered the grace of a King who says, you are not disqualified. I am make all things new.”

Acts 4

Scripture says, the power of life and death lies in the tongue. –Proverbs 18:21

“What if we believed the truth that the POWER of LIFE and DEATH lies in the tongue. That means if I can find the courage to speak these things, to bring them before the Lord, but also bring them to accountability to community to say, hey, I am actually walking through this too. I am a woman and I am struggling with porn. I am a woman and I feel 10 million miles apart from my husband when we lay side by side, because there is a fracture here…I am a young woman trying to move through this college scene and the temptation is crushing me. I am a person who loves Jesus with all of my heart and wants to walk in obedience to Him, but I have some strongholds….”

“I challenge anyone listening, find someone you trust and love and simply speak, share what has been going on and feel the weight that lifts off your shoulders. It will empower you to take that next step….It is true, He yoke is easy, His burden is light.”

42:06 I share a quote from Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot.

God doesn’t want your self-reliant promise of virginity.  He wants your whole heart, with abstinence being a willing by-product of your love for His instruction and your faithfulness to abide.  But in our self-serving sin we respond, “How about instead of my whole heart I just give you some semi-good behavior?”

Mo shares about the danger of Christians promoting virginity as the most important thing

“Simple speaking of virginity and striving solely for virginity…it’s a works based answer to a life surrender question. Far more often than virginity is mentioned, God speaks of purity.”

Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew in me a steadfast spirit. –Psalm 51:10

“There is still hope. There is truth, because His restoration extends so far beyond our actions. It profoundly touches our hearts.”

49:08 I quote the book:

It’s dangerous, really. How appealing the darkness is….It disguises itself as “privacy” because that feels warranted and deserved to us.  But in truth, darkness is a place beyond privacy. It’s the very place we pervert the innocent right to privacy and twist it in order to serve the sin in us.  It is our hiding place- a place where we unhinge moral absolutes and declare a right to secrecy, selective omission and relativism as we write our own rules.  The darkness only acts to serve us- our wants, our comfort, our egos and thusly sin within us.”

Mo shares the dangers of the darkness vs. true privacy

“We can serve the wants in us, the sin in us at no mindfulness of the expense to others and this is a dark place.”

“What you are doing in the dark is ultimately affecting your heart.”

Average age of exposure to porn is 9 years old.

Light will always drive out darkness.

1:00:42 Mo offers encouragement for the person saving themselves for marriage and the sexually broken, who have ask confessed and experienced restored purity

1:06:10 Mo shares about the 8 part video curriculum available to enhance Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot

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