Developing Prayer Practices

Deep Prayer & Communion with God

Tyler Staton on prayer as an invitation to intimacy, how prayer is to risk trusting someone who might let you down, and three Biblical prayers for when you’re feeling dry and weary. 

Hearing God's Voice

Pete Greig on hearing God in the natural and the normal, experiencing Him with all of our senses, and why the Spirit living in us allows us to hear Him differently than most people in the Bible. 

Praying the Scripture for Your Children

Jodie Berndt on praying for your children throughout their lives, how God delights in hearing from His children, and how praying the Scripture brings peace and aligns our heart with God’s heart.

Conversation with Jesus

Chrystal Evans Hurst on prayer and how it is simply accepting God’s invitation to join Him in conversation.

Prayers of R.E.S.T.

Asheritah on prayers of R.E.S.T., which was birthed out of a near panic attack she experienced during the first weeks of the pandemic.