Spiritual Abuse and Trauma

Fractured Faith

Lina Abujamra on her journey of reconstructing her faith, what we should be deconstructing, and rhythms of faith.

Untangling Faith

Amy Fritz and Amber discuss her husband’s dream job at Ramsey Solutions, why he left, and how she is now untangling her faith.

Celebrities for Jesus

Katelyn Beaty and Amber discuss her book Celebrities for Jesus: How Persona, Platforms, and Profits Are Hurting the Church

Resources for those who have been spiritually wounded or want to better understand spiritual abuse

Listening To Abuse and Trauma Survivors

Dr. Diane Langberg and Amber discuss how her 50 year career working with trauma and abuse victims began, the similarity she encountered between veterans of war and abused women, the current reckoning of power abuse in the church, and pastors as shepherds.


Wade Mullen and Amber discuss when impression management behavior becomes dangerous, how to address abusive behavior early on, and his personal experience when sharing abuse that was impacting the students he served.