246: The Awesome Misapplied Promises of God | Katie Scott

The Awesome Misapplied Promises of God with Katie Scott

Katie M. Scott

Katie M. Scott is a writer, online content creator, and speaker who empowers women to chase vibrance in the everyday moments of life.

On her blog, chasingvibrance.com Katie weaves together practical tips, humorous stories, and Biblical encouragement as she inspires women to pursue joy and intentionality in the big and little moments. 

Katie has a BA in Biblical Counseling and is passionate about combining the grace and truth of the gospel with practical takeaways and authentic storytelling.

Katie is a self-proclaimed “Bible nerd” finding joy in researching Hebrew and Greek words, historical context, and literary devices used in Scripture. More than that, Katie is devoted to the simple and practical ways the Bible touches modern life–from how to speak to our kids, to how to interact on social media, to the stories we speak over ourselves.

Katie is a mom of three wild and wonderful school-age children and makes her home in beautiful West Michigan with her husband, Nate.

She is a reluctant dog-mom, drinks her coffee black and sometimes stays up too late reading historical fiction.

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If you’re feeling discouraged because you’ve been praying diligently, confessing scripture, and declaring God’s promises over your life, only to see little to no change in your circumstances, this conversation with Katie Scott is for you. 

Katie Scott and Grace Enough host, Amber Cullum, dive into why context matters when applying the promises of God, the deeper purpose behind God’s promises, and how you can dive deeper into the promises of God.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain deeper insight into biblical promises and their context to apply them more effectively in daily life.

  • Avoid common pitfalls and misapplications of God’s promises for a more accurate understanding

  • Discover how to find peace and strength in the midst of difficult circumstances through the wisdom of biblical promises.

  • Learn the importance of reading the Bible in context to uncover the true meaning and power of God’s promises.


“The goodness of the Lord is the Lord….He is the one that is going to walk through everything in life with me. And that is the goodness. That is the gift.” -Katie Scott

“When we begin to look at the whole council of the word of God…these promises have to make sense. In everything and not just pulled out and put on an Instagram quote or a bumper sticker.” -Katie Scott

“Jeremiah 29: 11…I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope. It’s a beautiful promise of God….[and] a lot of times we apply it to the start of something really good….but when we read through scripture and we see the context of that verse. It’s not about starting something good. It’s about being in the middle of something bad…. “ -Katie Scott

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