246: Explore Israel to Deepen Your Understanding of the Bible | Kristi McLelland

Explore Israel to Deepen Your Understanding of the Bible with Kristi McLelland

Kristi McLelland

Kristi McLelland is a professor at Williamson College and the best-selling author of Rediscovering Israel, as well as Jesus & Women and The Gospel on the Ground Bible studies.

Kristi teaches the Bible in its historical, cultural, geographic, and linguistic contexts.  

After studying in Egypt and Israel in 2007, Kristi began leading biblical study trips to Israel in 2008. Kristi’s trips, as well as her in-person and online courses and resources—including her popular “Pearls” podcast, position Westerners to discover the Bible within the framework in which it was written. 

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In this episode of the Grace Enough Podcast, host Amber Cullum engages in a conversation with guest Kristi McLelland about the significance of engaging with the Bible through a Middle Eastern lens. She shares how this perspective can enhance the audience’s understanding of biblical teachings. Through thought-provoking insights about Jesus’ ministry and the spiritual depth of table fellowship, Kristi’s expertise shines as she offers a fresh and enriching approach to biblical study. 

My special guest is Kristi McLelland

Kristi McLelland, a passionate teacher and speaker, has dedicated herself to bridging the gap between the western church and the lands of the Bible. Growing up in a family of faith, she found her own personal relationship with the Lord at the age of nine. With a deep understanding of the Bible’s cultural context, Kristi brings a unique perspective to biblical teachings. Through her work and experiences, she invites others to rediscover the scriptures with fresh eyes, emphasizing the value of engaging the Bible with a Middle Eastern perspective. Her insights provide a new layer of understanding, enhancing the appreciation and relevance of biblical teachings.


“I don’t think we were given the Bible to stare at ourselves. I think we were given the Bible to stare at God.” -Kristi McLelland

“Biblical faith is a verb. When you read Hebrews 11, the great hall of faith, it’s not telling you what they believed, it’s telling you what they did.” – Kristi McLelland

“The Bible is Living and active. We never simply read the Bible. We interact with it. It’s living and active, and so are we.”– Kristi McLelland

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