200th Episode Celebration with Amber Cullum & Amy Fritz

Grace Enough Podcast 200th episode celebration with Amber Cullum and Amy Fritz

Grace Enough Podcast 200th Episode Celebration

Amber Cullum is a physical therapist turned stay at home mom, podcast host, and speaker who has always loved connecting with people through their hardships, passions, and faith.

After moving to Raleigh, NC with her husband and 3 young children she was encouraged to dream again in the midst of the daily grind. That was the beginning of Grace Enough Podcast. 

Every Tuesday she delves into hard truth and the unwavering grace of God through stories of men and women journeying in the kingdom of God here on earth.

Grace Enough has been featured in Christianity Today as 1 of 12 Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss and in Podcast Magazine’s Under the Radar podcast you should be listening to. 

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To celebrate this 200th episode, I invited my friend and host of the Untangled Faith podcast, Amy Fritz on the show to help me answer a few questions Grace Enough listeners submitted. I hope the answers give you a little peak behind the curtain of Grace Enough.

Questions Discussed During the 200th Episode Celebration:

  1. Have all of your guests been eager to be interviewed? -Michele B.
  2. How do you find such great guests? -Belinda L.
  3. What have you learned about yourself through this process? -Amy F.
  4. How do you handle it when you’re interviewing someone you disagree with? -Sarah D.
  5. What are your tips for time management with homeschool/kids and podcasting/media? -Jennifer E.
  6. What’s your most downloaded episode? Why do you think it was that popular?
  7. Do you have a favorite guest? Who?
  8. What’s your dream for this podcast?
  9. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of podcasting?
  10. Describe your listener.
  11. How has the podcasting experience changed you since the Amber of 199 episodes ago?

200th Episode Celebration Quotes to Remember:

“The majority of people are thrilled to be interviewed, because they usually are passionate about the topic they’re discussing.”

“It’s [podcasting] been one of the greatest tools God has used to sanctify me, make me more like him. Because I am always coming in contact with people whose experience is most of the time very different from mine, but they still have a passion for Jesus.”

“I know that can come across as sounding kind of prideful, but it really is for the glory of the Lord. It’s not just to puff up myself. It’s because I love it. I feel like He’s gifted me in this area. And I would love to see it explode.”

“My favorite part is definitely the interviewing….My least favorite part is the promoting, the marketing.”

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