104: Susie Rowan | Bible Study Fellowship, Executive Director

Interview with Susie Rowan | Bible Study Fellowship, Executive Director

Susie Rowan | Bible Study Fellowship, Executive Director

Susie Rowan is executive director of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), a global, interdenominational, in-depth Bible study ministry.

Under Susie’s leadership, BSF has grown to serve more than 385,000 adults and 66,000 children worldwide through local and online BSF groups and WordGo Bible study groups. 

Susie has brought change that has adapted the ministry to a rapidly changing digital world. She has advanced BSF’s mission through new pathways to Bible study and expanded BSF’s content to include four new studies – Isaiah, Revelation, and People of the Promised Land I and II (Part II coming in 2022).

Susie and her husband, Roger, have been married for 45 years and have two children, Jerry and Sally, and four grandchildren.

For more information regarding Bible Study Fellowship visit www.bsfinternational.org.

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Susie Rowan joins me to discuss her journey through Bible Study Fellowship, encountering God through His Word, and pivoting an international ministry during a pandemic.

Questions Susie and I Discussed:

  1. (3:46) How did you come to know Jesus as Savior?
  2. (6:05) What prompted you to first begin attending BSF?
  3. (8:45) You are the current Executive Director of BSF and have served in various other roles in the BSF organization.  Will you share a bit of that journey with us?
  4. (15:16) What are some of the things that you have changed in BSF to help engage future generations?
  5. (20:50) What are some of the shifts you have had to make as an organization as a result of coronavirus?
  6. (24:53) What is the study model of BSF?
  7. (28:25) What would you like to say to the woman listening who may still be struggling to commit to an in-depth Bible Study for whatever reason?

Quotes to Remember:

“I gave my life to Christ on Sunday morning during the preaching of the gospel by a local pastor in a local church. I love to encourage pastors by saying, ‘God saved me during the preaching on Sunday morning’.”

“After I’d been in BSF for about six months, he [husband] said to me, ‘You are a different woman from the woman I married and I like what I see. I’m going to go to this Bible study you’re going to.’ Within months, at a men’s retreat, he turned his life over to Christ.”

“We moved 400,000 adults and kids (more than that, actually) to online environments in a matter of about two weeks…. [I]t took the commitment and God’s empowerment of local volunteer leaders. We gave them a plan with options and they ran with it with excellence.”

“We really believe that God speaks through His Word and that we know God through His Word, that we come to love God and want to follow him as we get to know him through the Bible.”

“May I just say how important it is to have a time and a place in your day, every day, to just sit with God, open your Bible, or bow in prayer…that is the key to growing in Christ.”

“We have countless testimonies coming in from a survey we’ve just done of how God is meeting people through the study of the Scripture, giving them assurance, patience, comfort, strength, hope and the fellowship with other believers.”

“God still speaks. He speaks through His Word. He speaks words of peace, and grace and love that will wash over you like gentle waves of the sea, because we meet Him in His Word, the Bible.”

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