103: Andy George | Pastoring Through A Pandemic

103: Andy George | Pastoring Through a Pandemic

Andy George

Andy George is the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Fellowship church in Raleigh NC.

For the past 25 years he and his wife Stacie have been in full-time ministry serving as a youth pastor for 15 years, launched a multi-site and served as the campus pastor, and has also served as an associate pastor.

Andy is also an author, leadership coach, and has had the privilege to preach and teach around the world.

For the past 15 years he has lived in Wake Forest with his wife Stacie and their two children Parker and Kennedy.

Pastor Andy George joins me to discuss pastoring a multi-site church through the pandemic.  We discuss challenges, unexpected blessings, engaging an online community, and how people can support their local ministry leaders.

Questions Andy and I Discussed:

  1. (5:23) We are quickly approaching 1 year of living during a pandemic, which means you are approaching 1 year of leading a church during a pandemic.  How has your life and ministry changed during this time?
  2. (9:05) What have been some of the biggest challenges of leading during this time?
  3. (12:45) What have been some of the unexpected blessings of leading during this time?
  4. (19:02) What does pastoring an online community look like in comparison to a traditional congregation?
  5. (28:23) What has been/is one of your greatest fears for your congregation?
  6. (34:01) In what ways, can congregants (in this case me) come along side their pastors to support and encourage them?
  7. (39:29) Any final words you would like to share with followers of Jesus who find themselves struggling to return to their local church or engage online?

Quotes to Remember:

“My biggest fear for our congregation is that they’re just going to get apathetic, that they just have gotten so used to not attending church in person.”
“We’re not meant to just stay at home and watch church online and attend a couple of virtual things. There’s something more powerful about getting together and worshiping together.”
“We’ve never been through this before, as a church. We’ve never been through this, in my lifetime, as a culture….Give us some patience, give us a little bit of grace.”
“It’s in your mindset….[S]tart believing that you’re actually going to emerge from this stronger than before.”

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