228: Susie Larson | Standing Strong in Your Hardships

Standing Strong in Your Hardships withSusie Larson

Susie Larson | Standing Strong in Your Hardships

Susie Larson a national speaker, bestselling author, and the host of the daily talk show Susie Larson Live heard on the Faith Radio Network with over 3.5 million downloads.

She has written 20 books and numerous articles and has been a guest on many major media outlets, including Focus on the Family, the Life Today show, and FamilyLife Today.

Voted twice as a top-ten finalist for the John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award, she is also a veteran of the fitness field.

Susie and her husband, Kevin, live near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Learn more at susielarson.com.

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Discover the transformative power of relying on God’s strength as Susie Larson battles fear and trauma, seeking courage and victory in the spiritual realm.

In this episode we:

  • Explore the realm of spiritual warfare and discover the significance of relying on the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Discover the profound implications of fear on your health and overall happiness.

  • Uncover spiritual practices that help usher in peace, and foster patience in the presence of God.

  • Uplift your perspective of who you are and who God is in His Kingdom on earth.

  • Gather a few tools to help prepare you for spiritual battle.

Today’s Special Guest is:

Meet Susie Larson, a spiritual compass to many who are navigating the challenges of their faith journey. Raised in a large family, her relationship with God evolved in a powerful way amidst personal trauma and health battles. She endured a sexual assault and physical violence in her childhood, which led to fear becoming a constant companion. Later, a diagnosis of Lyme disease exacerbated her struggles. Yet, these battles only forged her faith further in the furnace of affliction. Today, Susie communicates her faith in Jesus with a robustness that could only be seasoned in the crucible of adversity, leaving an awe-inspiring testimony of God’s transformative power.


“The storms reveal the lies we believe and the truths we need.” – Susie Larson

“The abundant life doesn’t just come to your doorstep because Jesus died. He died for it. But you’ve got to contend for the promises.” – Susie Larson

“You have walked intimately with me. You’ve treasured my word in your heart. I am not going to let you lose, but I have to let you fight.” – Susie Larson

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The storms reveal the lies we believe and the truths we need.
The abundant life doesn't just come to your doorstep because Jesus died. He died for it. But you've got to contend for the promises.

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