Ep. 157: Costi Hinn | Is It Always God's Will to Heal?

Costi Hinn, Is it always God's will to heal?

Costi Hinn | Is It Always God's Will to Heal?

Costi W. Hinn is the president and founder of For the Gospel (www.forthegospel.org), a ministry that provides sound doctrine for everyday people through weekly videos, articles, and a podcast.

He is a graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and serves as a pastor in Arizona, where he resides with his wife and four children.

Costi Hinn joins Amber to discuss healing and if it is always God’s will to heal, along with his journey out of the prosperity gospel movement.

Questions Discussed During Is It Always God’s Will to Heal:

  1. (5:13) Take our listeners back to your childhood.  What was life like for you growing up as the nephew of one of the most prominent leaders of the prosperity gospel movement?
  2.  (10:48) How would you describe your walk with Jesus during your youth?
  3. (15:49) What took place in your life that began to expose some of the faulty theology behind the prosperity gospel movement?
  4. (33:44) With that said, your perspective on Jesus as healer has not only changed, but has been tested.  Your young son was diagnosed with cancer and in More Than A Healer, you write, “Now, we’re going to live what we’ve been preaching…for years we’d been telling others that God is still good, even when things in life are not.” Walk us through that experience and how it further confirmed and strengthened your faith in Jesus as healer and SO MUCH MORE.
  5. (42:32) In this book, you walk through 2  REALLY tough questions presenting truths in response, “Why do people get sick?” and “Is it always God’s will to heal right now?” Flesh that out for us a bit.
  6. (51:52) “God’s Peace is A Fact, Not A Feeling” Why is it so important to know, believe, and trust that statement?
  7. (58:45) “God Works All Things For Good.” While this statement is true and Biblical ,using it as a mantra to “encourage” people who are suffering has led to great pain.  What is a different approach?

Quotes to Remember From Is It Always God’s Will to Heal:

“I also believed and wholeheartedly was taught this, but agreed that my family was the most anointed family on planet earth.” “I’m the oldest, and I’m supposed to be kind of the heir apparent to the families anointed ministry, which is about healing, and the prosperity gospel, and the word of faith movement.” “I no longer view Jesus like a magic genie, like a cosmic banker.” “I repented full on in my office. I told the Lord, ‘I’m sorry for preaching and believing false things about you. I vow to preach the true gospel’.” “Wealth isn’t a sin. It’s a responsibility.” “We pray for healing because I want my son healed. And the Lord has been gracious in that regard. But he was gracious the day of the diagnosis. And he’s been kind to us in that he has stayed Timothy’s situation where the doctors want it to be. But he was kind to us when we got the diagnosis. And he has been good in the sense that Timothy is doing well. But he was good when we were in the waiting room, and didn’t know if it was gonna be steroid cream, oral steroid or chemo. He’s been good, and he is good.” “This was the book that I wanted to write about Jesus, not the Jesus that everybody wants, but the Jesus I believe Scripture teaches everybody needs.” “I believe our witness is greatest, not when everything is going perfectly. Our witness has the potential to be greater than it ever can be, when we suffer, but we still look to Christ.” “Don’t think that God’s good is always your definition of good.” “God is not the Origin of Evil. He is not the origin of sickness, but since he is sovereign, and He is the Creator of all things, and the sustainer of all things, he can take anything, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and he can turn it out for good purposes.” “Even faith healers wear glasses, get cancer have to have hard conversations with their doctors and die.” “Peter tells people, they’re not going to have it all now. He tells suffering Christians, what you got coming is way better than your best life now, so live for that.” “Spiritual warfare is really a battle for your mind.” “My hope, my encouragement is that people find peace, not as a feeling but as a knowing. What do you know about God? So even in tears, and even in moments of anxiety, and even in a moment of depression…you can say, ‘God, I don’t feel like this is true. I don’t feel like this is good. I don’t feel like anything is going my way. I don’t even feel like anyone understands me. But I know you’re good’.” Regarding those who suffer: “They don’t need your Romans 8:28 yet, there’s a time for that. They need Romans 15, mourn with those who mourn.”

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I believe our witness is greatest, not when everything is going perfectly. Our witness has the potential to be greater than it ever can be, when we suffer, but we still look to Christ.

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