220: Jessica Harris | Helpful Message for Christian Women Struggling with Porn

Jessica Harris | Helpful Message for Christian Women Struggling with Porn | Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris | Helpful Message for Christian Women Struggling with Porn

Jessica Harris is a writer and international speaker who talks openly and honestly about pornography addiction among Christian women in order
to facilitate healing.

She is recognized as a leading voice on the topic of female porn use and addiction in the church, and she has been featured on media such as ABC’s Nightline, The 700 Club, Focus on the Family, and Cru.

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Jessica Harris grew up in a cultural Christian home, she followed all the rules and expectations of her faith, but still fell prey to pornography. When she stumbled upon pornography at the age of 13, she became addicted and developed a double life of shame and perfectionism. Even after finding Jesus, she struggled alone, unable to find a safe place to talk about her addiction. But just when she thought she might have a way out, a devastating blow leaves her questioning everything.

I learned how to cover up my tracks at that point, learned how to clear my history, learned how to clear my history, and then also type in website so it looked like I had been researching for school. And over the course of the next couple of years, I just developed this ability to be really sneaky about it, and I would go to great lengths to protect my consumption of pornography. – Jessica Harris

My special guest is Jessica Harris

Say hello to Jessica Harris, an accomplished author and international speaker with a passion for helping women find healing from pornography addiction and hope in Jesus. Drawing from her own experiences, Jessica offers a compassionate and understanding perspective as she shares her story and the tools she’s discovered for overcoming addiction. Her dedication to breaking the silence and stigma around this topic has made her a powerful advocate for Christian women seeking guidance and support in their journey towards healing.

This is Jessica Harris’s story:

Jessica Harris grew up in a conservative Christian home, where faith was more about following rules than building a personal relationship with Jesus. At the age of 13, she inadvertently stumbled upon hardcore pornography while researching for school. Initially, Jessica justified her curiosity as a safe way to explore her desires without engaging in physical intimacy. Her addiction deepened, impacting her academic performance and leading her to a double life of shame-fueled perfectionism. Despite her efforts to find help, resources for women struggling with pornography addiction proved scarce. The lack of understanding and support left Jessica feeling isolated and confused, believing she was the only woman facing this issue.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the trials and triumphs of women’s navigation through pornography addiction and the healing process.

  • Overcome the hurdles of self-blame and shame as you seek help on your quest to break free from porn addiction.

  • Embrace a compassionate and nurturing perspective as you pursue restoration and wholeness in your life through Jesus and His love for you.

  • Imbue God’s spirit of hope and deliverance for those embroiled in the clutches of porn addiction.


Scripture References

  • John 4: Jesus and the Woman at the Well 

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