21 Days of Gratitude: Thanking God for Answered Prayer, Day 8

21 Days of Gratitude: Day 8, Thanking God for Answered Prayer

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Welcome to day 8 of the 21 Day Gratitude Series on the Grace Enough Podcast. In this episode host Amber Cullum explores the theme of gratitude and the importance of thanking God for answered prayer.

Drawing inspiration from the example of Daniel, she highlights the power of acknowledging God’s presence and activity in our lives through gratitude.

Cullum emphasizes that gratitude is not only a response to God’s intervention but also an expression of consistent communion with Him through prayer and thanksgiving.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make gratitude and prayer a daily practice: Take time each day to express gratitude to God for answered prayers, both big and small. Cultivating a habit of thankfulness helps strengthen our relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It also enables us to find joy and wonder in the simple blessings of life, even amidst challenging circumstances.

  • Share your gratitude: Sharing the goodness of God with others can have a profound impact. When we openly acknowledge and give thanks for God’s intervention in our lives, it becomes a testimony that can inspire others to seek Him. 

  • Shift your perspective through gratitude: In times of difficulty and doubt, gratitude has the power to shift our focus from our problems to the One who can solve them. Instead of being overwhelmed by fear, we can choose to center our thoughts on God’s presence and His ability to work all things for our good. 

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“Do you think Daniel’s first response would have been to give God thanks for protecting him if he had not been in a habit of getting on his knees three times a day, talking to and thanking God? Daniel’s gratitude was not only a response to God’s intervention, but also an expression of his consistent communion.” -Amber Cullum

“When we thank God and Jesus and Holy Spirit for answered prayer, we are acknowledging their presence in our lives and their activity on our behalf.” -Amber Cullum


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