21 Days of Gratitude: Fellowship with the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, Day 2

21 Days of Gratitude: Day 2, Fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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Welcome to Day 2 of Grace Enough’s 21 Days of Gratitude, where we’re uncovering the biblical roots of Thanksgiving. In our journey, we’ve explored the sacrificial system God established when Israel was taking its first steps as a nation. And today, we’re diving deep into something truly extraordinary: the fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Thanksgiving offering was more than a ritual – it was a fellowship meal. A communion between God, the mediator (in our case, Jesus Christ), and the worshiper. In this offering, something incredible happened; the worshiper consumed a portion of the offering, creating a profound connection between the one making the offering and our Creator God. Our gratitude isn’t just an act of worship; it’s sustenance, strength, and nourishment for our souls. It ushers us into fellowship with the living God.

So, as we explore this timeless rhythm, let’s practice gratitude together. Reflect on Psalm 107:1 – ‘Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.’ Think about the times you cried out to the Lord in distress, and He delivered you. As we delve into Psalm 107, give thanks for those moments when God’s steadfast love brought you through.

Join me as we explore these profound truths in our 21 Days of Gratitude journey. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Significance of the Thanksgiving Offering: The episode highlights the Thanksgiving offering as a unique aspect of the Old Testament’s sacrificial system. Unlike other offerings, it was voluntary, and a portion of it was to be consumed by the worshiper. This offering symbolized a fellowship meal between God, the mediator (the priest in the Old Testament, and Jesus Christ for us), and the worshiper. It’s a tangible way to connect with God and experience His provision and strength.

  • Gratitude as Sustenance and Strength: Gratitude isn’t just a symbolic act; it’s something that sustains, strengthens, and nourishes our souls. It’s a way to honor God and receive His best for our lives. This act of giving thanks has physical, emotional, and mental benefits, which the episode hints will be explored in future episodes.

  • The Timelessness of Gratitude: The episode suggests that the concept of gratitude and the fellowship it represents is still vitally important today. It’s seen as a rhythm established by God for His people long ago that continues to hold significance for followers of Jesus today. It encourages listeners to incorporate gratitude into their daily lives and offers a practical exercise using Psalm 107 to reflect on times when they cried out to the Lord in distress and were delivered.


“Our thank offering not only honors God, it is sustenance, it is strength, it is nourishment to our very souls, it is God’s best for us and our brains.” -Amber Cullum

“What I see here is God establishing a rhythm [thanksgiving]…for his people long ago, that is still vitally important to his people today.” -Amber Cullum

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