Bonus: Join the "Shiny Happy People" Conversation

Join the Shiny Happy People Conversation with Amber Cullum and Amy Fritz

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Amber Cullum and Amy Fritz have an honest conversation about the importance of critical thinking and open dialogue within Christian communities, which they discuss as a result of watching the Amazon Prime docu-series, “Shiny Happy People.” They discuss some dangers of blindly following beliefs, the power of questioning, and the complexities of raising children with a strong faith foundation.

Key Take Aways

  • Learn why fostering critical reasoning is essential in nurturing healthy Christian communities.
  • Understand how to strike a balance between honoring mentor advice and adhering to Christ’s teachings.
  • Navigate through the complexities of homeschooling, considering its potential pitfalls and promises.
  • Engage with different perspectives on the challenging notion of modesty within the Christian context.
  • Appreciate the value of open conversations and examining diverse interpretations in deepening one’s Christian faith.


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