262: Building Relationships through Mealtimes | Ryan Rush

Building Relationships through Mealtimes | Ryan Rush

Ryan Rush

Ryan Rush, PhD, serves as pastor of Kingsland Baptist Church, a thriving church community of more than 5,000 people, located in Katy, Texas.

He has spent more than 20 years working in ministry, and during that time, he has been on a mission to connect church and home life, becoming a national voice for the “Faith at Home” movement.

Ryan currently teaches Doctoral students in the Marriage and Family program at Dallas Theological Seminary.

He has hosted numerous radio and TV programs on the subject of family life and is the author of three books, Home on Time: Life Management by the Book, Walls: Why Everybody’s Stuck (and Nobody Has to Be) and his latest book, Restore the Table: Discovering the Powerful Connections of Meaningful Mealtimes.

Rush is a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and holds a PhD in Christian leadership with a ministry concentration from the
Cook School at Dallas Baptist University.

Ryan and Lana Rush live in Katy, Texas, and have three daughters, Ryley, Regan and Lily.

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In this episode of the Grace Enough Podcast, guest Ryan Rush shares personal experiences and insights on the transformative power of intentional meal gatherings.

Ryan’s emphasis on the impact of meaningful conversations over distraction-free meals and the importance of inclusivity and authenticity at the table provides valuable insights for building relationships and community with the hopes of sharing Jesus.

If you’re seeking to nurture deeper connections and create meaningful opportunities for spiritual discussions through intentional meal times, this episode offers practical tips and inspiring stories that can resonate with families seeking to restore the art of gathering around the table. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore how shared meals can be a foundation for building deeper and more meaningful relationships.

  • Engage in conversation starters for meaningful meals that foster genuine connections and understanding.

  • Learn about the impact of meals on faith and community, and how they can bring people together in a unique way.


“The table’s worth restoring. It doesn’t matter how difficult your past has been or how out of the habit you’ve become. It’s worth restoring.” – Ryan Rush

“It’s not the eating that makes [meal times] meaningful.” – Ryan Rush

“You’re slow cooking evangelism, right? I mean, that’s what you’re doing because you have relationships rather than having a presentation.”– Ryan Rush

The table's worth restoring. It doesn't matter how difficult your past has been or how out of the habit you've become. It's worth restoring.
It's not the eating that makes [meal times] meaningful
You're slow cooking evangelism....because you have relationships rather than having a presentation.

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