Christmas in July, Day 11: Green Roof Gallery | Bethany Patterson

Green Roof Gallery | Bethany Patterson

Green Roof Gallery | Bethany Patterson

Green Roof Gallery creates leather accessories for the grown up girl who loves simplicity and a natural style.  Handcrafted, small batch, unique, and personal. 
Bethany parallels the process of leatherwork with the theme we find all over the Bible and ways that God works – new creation, seemingly unusable mess ups, second chances, and the most unexpected beauty that comes in all of this.  Each of us has an ongoing life story.  So often, we want to skip over the hard, ugly times, but God wants to traverse those times with us for our good and His glory. 

The founder of Green Roof Gallery, Bethany Patterson sits down with Amber to share the process of creating leather accessories and how it parallels the way God uses broken people.

Christmas in July Questions:

  1. What is Green Roof Gallery?
  2. Share a bit of the backstory of Green Roof Gallery.
  3. You shared with me a little about why you use leather and how it parallels our lives? Will you share that for those listening?
  4. What do you love about the work you are doing at GRG?
  5. What is one of your most popular earrings? Favorite earrings?

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