87: Mike Savage | Prison to Praise

Grace Enough Podcast with Mike Savage

Mike Savage | Prison to Praise

Mike Savage is a former radio personality, television news anchor, and criminal mastermind.

He served fifteen years, two months, and twenty-eight days in federal prison for international money laundering.

Crime was his second life, one that his wife and family knew nothing about until federal agents raided their home.

He is currently an adjunct professor teaching Bible, theology, and psychology.

He and his wife live on Padre Island in Texas.

Mike is the author of A Prisoner’s Perspective: Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind, his memoir that won Best in Memoirs at Book Talk Radio Club 2018 Awards.

He along with his wife Cynthia Savage are co-hosts at A Savage Perspective podcast.

Mike Savage joins me to talk about how Jesus wrecked and saved His life while serving 15 + years in prison for international money laundering.

Questions Mike and I Discussed:

  1. (2:58) To set the stage for your story, tell us a little about your childhood working your way through getting married and your first few jobs.
  2. (6:53) You end up being labeled as “a criminal mastermind” and often joke about how that can’t be true, because you got caught, describe your job to us and how the phrase “it’s a slow fade” is true of your plunge into money laundering.
  3. (13:21) Your wife, Cynthia, stayed with you, despite having absolutely no idea about your criminal activity. So go back and tell me a little bit about what your family life was like, while you were living this criminal lifestyle and she was clueless. And then what was it like those two years where you weren’t in prison, but you were being investigated?
  4. (30:02) So you end up in prison for 15 years, where you surrender your life to Jesus.  Walk us through how you came to know Him.
  5. (35:52) The day arrives, when your time served is complete.  What was the first year out of prison like for you and your family?
  6. What does your life look like today?  How do you and Cynthia use your experience to point others toward Jesus?

Quotes to Remember:

“I knew everything that was going on. She knew nothing.”

“I actually was praying, even though I hadn’t been saved, I’m still praying, ‘God, please get me out of this. Please get me out of this.’ And He did get me out of it. I went to prison. I was found guilty.”

“She told me that every time I thought that she was going to be unfaithful, or leave me that it hurt her. And that broke my heart.”

“So essentially, what it came down to was Cynthia was God’s way of showing me this is how much I love you.”

“But I started crying and everything that I’d heard about God, everything that I had to sit through….not believing, suddenly made sense.”

“There was no denomination in prison.”

“Then I told her [Cynthia] the story of the shepherd and breaking the sheep’s leg. She actually burst into tears….[That] is what happened to me. He busted my leg and carried me around for 15 years, two months and 28 days to save me.”

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