115: Mary Snyder | Take the Stage

115: Mary Synder | Take the Stage

Mary Snyder | Take the Stage

Mary Snyder is a podcast host, speaker coach, event planner and tour producer with over 20 years in the Christian events industry. 

She has produced hundreds of live events over the years (including podcast tours) and worked with some of the most influential  communicators in the industry. 

Her podcast, Take the Stage, empowers speakers to craft a message that matters and take it to the stage.  

Mary Synder joins Amber to discuss being a writer and speaker and how she transitioned to tour producer and speaker coach. We also discuss her job with Compassion International, handling fame as a Christian, celebrity and her podcast Take the Stage.

Questions Mary and I Discuss:

  1. (2:49) Share a little about how you came to know Jesus and your early faith journey.
  2. (6:00) When did you know you wanted to be a writer and a speaker?
  3. (12:29) What were some disappointments you faced as a writer?
  4. (15:16) You are also a speaker, but at some point in your career you transitioned from speaker to speaker tour producer, speaker coach, and more.  Share a bit of that journey with us?
  5. (24:50) How do you remain grounded and focused on the ministry of Jesus in a world that can often become more about fanfare and audience response?
  6. (29:14) You work for Compassion International. What do you love about working with Compassion?
  7. (33:24) Tell us about your podcast: Take the Stage

Quotes to Remember:

“I dove headfirst into God’s word. I started soaking up everything I could. I did Beth Moore Bible studies because again, I’m Southern Baptist, that’s what we do, at least back in the 90s.”

“But I knew back in the 90s, that I wanted to bring the message that God is good and that Christians aren’t stuffy.”

“I knew that I wanted to embody the humor that God had given me and bring it in front of people. I could be funny, and still honor the Lord.”

“There is danger in putting a cap on your own gift. If God has uniquely equipped you, and you feel the calling to step on to whatever stage that is, whether it’s your local church, or a Facebook Live, step out in full authority, keeping your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.”

“If you never ask the answer’s no.”

“My favorite tour ever was the Encounter Tour with Lysa TerKeurst. And the reason that’s my favorite is that’s my baby. I created it.”

“I’ve watched people all of a sudden, believe in their own fame and here’s why it happens–they’ve not given somebody authority in their life, to speak into them.”

“We have to stop worshipping people.”

“We push them up on the pedestal. Then, when we knock them off or they knock themselves off, because they do knock themselves off. We sit around and applaud.”

“What I love about working with Compassion is we release children from poverty in Jesus name.”

“Compassion works through the local church and it’s only through the local church.”

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