Christmas in July, Day 5: | Jonathan Carswell

Jonathan Carswell, Christian books | Jonathan Carswell supports individuals, local churches and Christian organizations with handpicked, quality Christian resources at prices they can afford. We are passionate about distributing faithful, affordable and accessible resources for discipleship and evangelism.

Jonathan Carswell is the founder and CEO of

The founder and CEO of, Jonathan Carswell joins Amber why and how they provide quality Christian resources at affordable prices.

Christmas in July Questions:

  1. What is the mission behind
  2. Share a bit of the backstory of 10 of Those.  Why did you decide to launch 10ofThose?
  3. What are some ways 10 of Those distribute resources to support ministries?
  4. What do you love about the work you are doing with 10 of Those?
  5. What is one of your favorite books, authors, or resources sold at 10 of those?

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