100: Grace Enough Podcast 100th Episode Celebration

Ep. 100: Amber Cullum | Grace Enough Podcast Celebration

Amber, Bennett, and Zoe

Almost 2 years ago Amber launched the Grace Enough Podcast.  She has had the joy of interviewing some of her spiritual mentors, activists, storytellers, non-profit business owners, and more.  Most of all she has learned that no matter your story or your platform or your influence, God uses ordinary people to impact His kingdom.

Today, Amber is joined by her oldest son and daughter for an interview, in which they curated the questions. 

The host of Grace Enough Podcast, Amber is interviewed by her oldest son and daughter about her journey over the last two years, which includes 100 episodes.

Questions Discussed:

  1. (4:00) How do you find who you want to interview on the podcast?
  2. (5:10) How do you think up all your questions?
  3. (6:10) How do you feel when you get a big interview?
  4. (8:12) How do you feel when you think it’s gonna be a really good interview, but actually turns out to be boring?
  5. (9:41) Can you tell us what it’s like to record, get ready, and post an episode of the podcast?
  6. (11:49) Is there an episode, it doesn’t just have to be one, that the message was so amazing you felt like you were there with them?
  7. (14:09) What was your favorite episode of the podcast?
  8. (15:58) Has there been an episode where you didn’t really know what the guest was talking about?
  9. (16:37) Who do you want to interview in the future?

Quotes to Remember:

“Why are they listening to [the Grace Enough Podcast]? And my response was to be encouraged to take the next step of faith, knowing God is faithful, even if it looks different than expected.”

“Everybody appreciates stories differently. And everybody has walked different paths in life, so a topic or someone else’s story may impact them totally different than it does me or you, or the other listeners.”

“We [podcasters] kind of feel like every episode is our baby. So it’s hard to only pick one favorite, because we put so much work and effort and communication into each episode.”

“It’s been one of the most delightful endeavors that I have ever done, because God has grown me in a lot of unexpected ways. He has developed an excitement in me that I really didn’t have before I started the podcast.”

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