253: Are You Secure in God's Embrace? | Cheryl Lutz

Are You Secure in God's Embrace withCheryl Lutz

Cheryl Lutz

Cheryl Lutz is a certified biblical counselor, a trained and seasoned Bible teacher, a podcast host, an inspirational speaker, and a recovering people-pleaser!

A pastor’s wife for over three decades, she is the author of Securely Held: Finding Significance and Security in the Shelter of God’s Embrace.

Through her podcast, blog, books, and speaking engagements, Cheryl equips women to overcome insecurity and people pleasing and discover their true identity as God’s daughters.

She and her husband Alan have four adult children and a bonus son by marriage and live in a
quaint cabin in the North Georgia mountains.

She is likewise a proud Mimi to Elle, Luna, and Yoda (two granddogs and a grandcat!).

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Cheryl Lutz author of “Securely Held,” shares her journey of overcoming people-pleasing and perfectionism. Through her experience, she emphasizes the significance of finding security in God’s love and grace, shedding light on the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll these struggles can take.

Cheryl’s story underscores the importance of addressing underlying wounds and seeking professional help, providing a practical and inspiring account for individuals seeking freedom from the pressures of perfectionism.

Chery’s journey is a testament to the restorative power of God’s grace and the peace found in genuine authenticity.

The key moments in this episode:

00:00:02 – Introduction to Cheryl Lutz’s Faith Journey

00:07:46 – Impact of People Pleasing on Health

00:11:54 – Unearthing Childhood Wounds

00:13:52 – Replacing Negative Thoughts with Truth

00:16:31 – Overcoming Guilt and Embracing Grace

00:17:09 – Overcoming struggles and finding freedom

00:18:42 – Guiding readers to freedom

00:20:23 – Understanding our identity

00:22:27 – Being his hands and feet

00:23:52 – Waiting patiently

00:33:06 – Drawing Out the Heart

00:33:20 – The Pace of Life

00:33:56 – Connecting and Resources

00:34:31 – Vulnerability and Healing

00:35:26 – Conclusion and Next Steps


“Let grace set the pace.” – Cheryl Lutz

“We are to be His hands and feet. We are not to be Him.” – Cheryl Lutz

“Let’s get real with one another. We can heal together in community.” – Cheryl Lutz

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