Ep. 25: Kate Pope

Kate Pope | The Giving Crusade, Author

Kate Pope is co-founder of The Giving Crusade LLC and the author of the company’s first children’s book: ‘The Giving Crusade.’

Kate is an award-winning wedding and event photographer, serial creative, and lifetime volunteer.

Kate penned the book, ‘The Giving Crusade’, in 2017 as a birthday gift for her niece, Annie.

Kate, her husband, Andy and their dog, Macon, live in Efland, NC.

Kate and I chat about her children’s book, The Giving Crusade, which is a little book with a big mission, to teach kids that giving a little can do a lot.

3:54 Kate shares the inspiration behind The Giving Crusade

“It’s my job as an aunt, to take the good work parents have done and make it even better.”


Kate shares 3 things she would want to leave as a legacy for her nieces and nephew.

  1. Her creativity
  2. Her philanthropy and good works
  3. Her kindness

10:06 “It wasn’t my goal. I never dreamed of being a children’s author.  I dreamed of being a writer. I always say I am a storyteller with photography.”

11:50 Kate shares 3 stories of giving that have resulted from The Giving Crusade

  1. Smilestones by Molly
  2. K.I.D.S. = Kids Inspired and Determined to Serve
  3. St. Pius Catholic School

16:35 “Their principle used the terminology ‘quietly generous’ and there is no better way to put that. Truly, there is such beauty in being quietly generous. Where you are not looking for any sort of return, there is no expectation on the gifts that you are giving.  It is purely done, because you care and you won’t to make the world a better place.”

“The book focuses on a $5 gift as the launching point for conversation, but …. [the gift] doesn’t have to be money. You have your gifts in terms of talent and time and love and being a good steward in your community.  All of that is just as important as any money you can give.”

18:50 Kate shares about Crusader Cash

Purchase The Giving Crusade at:

“This book empowers the children to make the decision.  Most of the time, parents are leading the giving experience, the volunteer experience…this book really puts that control in the child’s hands.”

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