Ep. 05: Anna Ptak | Human Trafficking Overcomer and Activist

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Ep. 05: Anna Ptak

Anna Ptak | Human Trafficking overcomer and activist

Anna Ptak is currently an international keynote speaker as well as an Overcomer and policy consultant in the movement to end Human Trafficking. Anna has conducted speaking tours in both New York and California. Anna’s story has been published internationally in editorials such as Asian Geographic and The Examiner. Anna was recently featured on the national talk show The Doctors and Univision’sPrimer Impacto. In 2015, Anna showcased her ethical fashion collection during NYFW with garments made by Overcomers of sex trafficking in Nepal. Anna guest lectured at the University of Malta on Child Trafficking Law and has trained numerous governmental agencies and law enforcement on human trafficking. Anna lobbied for anti-human trafficking bills at the Virginia General Assembly and assisted in arguing, drafting bills concerning Human Trafficking including the Safe Harbor Law in NC. Anna also served as the guest speaker for many organizations such as The National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Shared Hope International. Anna has assisted in writing both national and international policy. Anna has a large focus on establishing the link between pornography and sex trafficking. In her spare time, Anna loves spending time with her husband, and their adorable puppy, Liam Alexander.

Today, Anna Ptak shares her story of overcoming human trafficking and how God has redeemed her.  She uses her platform to point to God’s goodness in her life, to educate others, and to impact legislature drafting anti-trafficking bills. 4;00 Anna shares why she uses the term OVERCOMER instead of survivor. Mandisa’s Overcomer 5:00  Anna begins sharing her story. 7:30  Her junior year of high school she began working at a theater in Greensboro, NC. ” A lot of people get angry with that [regarding her mom kicking her out of the house], but I give her grace.  Parents do the best with what they know how to do. If you don’t have a lot of healing yourself, you don’t know how to parent healthfully, so I try to give her that grace.” 8:58  The man she was living with invited her to be a part of his art project.  He told her she would be his #1 model. “So for people who think human trafficking is someone taken overseas or someone with chains, you know chained to a bed somewhere, or kidnapped…it happens that way, but it’s not nearly as common as what I am talking about.  I always say my chains were invisible.” 13:00  Her friends later told her, he keeps asking girls to be a part of his art project. 13:14  Her trafficker died of colon cancer and she discovered he had mass produced images of her. 15:22 “I did not realize pornography can be a form of trafficking.  And then, everything hit me, because I had a label for the pain.” 16:33  She entered a residential counseling program at Mercy Multiplied She graduated in 2012. “I am so glad I went, because I realized I was a new creation. I realized that I’m beautifully and wonderfully made.  That I have a hope and a future.  And one of my greatest revelations there: it wasn’t my fault.” 17:45  Anna shares her faith journey. Nancy Alcorn, founder of Mercy Multiplied  22:20  We begin to discuss how Anna uses her platform to raise human trafficking awareness and draft laws. AbolitionNC  “FreeWayNC curriculum provides teachers with the tools they need to equip students with life-changing awareness and prevention education”
*taken from abolitionnc website
24:45 Anna focuses on the link between pornography and sex trafficking. 25:02 Anna shares about her fashion design with Elegant Tees . “Your purchase with them really does restore their lives.” Anna’s 2015 Collection:  Freedom is the New Beautiful She has collaborated with Designed for Joy and designed for the Dressember campaign. 28:20 Human Trafficking Awareness Tips Report to Polaris Project Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 Text BeFree (233733) 31:58 North Carolina is home to the first home for boys who have been sexually trafficked. Restore One ‘s Anchor House in Greenville, NC.
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