Episode 01: Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith |
Oh lord help us

Rachael Smith is an author, a speaker, and the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit ministry, Oh Lord Help Us. This ministry believes everyone is uniquely created with value, and designed to live with purpose, believing that circumstances do not determine our future. Instead, we are defined by our redemption. The belief in our true identity motivates this ministry to mentor the woman who feels broken and messy; who feels she doesn’t belong; who feels unsure; and help her find the freedom to be who she is created to be.

3:50  We begin our conversation discussing the coffee shop Rachael started when she and her husband lived in Chicago. “When you’ve come back from less than nothing and able to go back to flourishing it does give you that confidence to take risks…I’ve survived it once and I’ll survive it again.  It also taught us what truly has value.” 7:39  They gave the coffee shop to their church. “We all have unique gifts and strengths.  We have different roles to play and this story is not about us.  Our roles may not always be what we want them to be at the time, but we have a role to play and I’m thankful God gave me a glimpse of what my role was in that part of the story.” 12:16  We discuss the beginning of Oh Lord Help Us “I really believe now, looking back, that was God giving me the glimpse of a vision, but making it blurry, so I didn’t move ahead of His timing.” 18:13  But God message “I was afraid, but God loved me.  That truth has been transformational in my life.” “Knowing God loved me and there is no fear in that.  It began to transform my confidence, how I handled myself around other people, and the insecurities in my life.  I started to feel these chains break off of me and I wanted to share that with other women.” 23:15  Hope + Vine “Know what you’re good at and don’t try to do the rest.” LINKS SPONSOR Designed For Joy  is a transitional work experience for women coming from trafficking, time in prison, homelessness and other vulnerable situations.  The women receive a living wage for their work creating a brand of jewelry and bags. I own several Designed For Joy pieces that always receive compliments from my friends and spark conversations on how we can wear cute jewelry and carry cute bags with greater joy, because we are providing a much needed job to women in the triangle.
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