249: What Happens After the Kids Launch? New PURPOSE! | Ruthie Gray

What Happens After the Kids Launch? New PURPOSE! with Ruthie Gray

Ruthie Gray

Ruthie Gray helps empty nest moms find their path to purpose and joy as she charts a course for fresh or renewed dreams after children have flown the nest.

She is a wife, Gigi, empty nester, and content marketing consultant for Christian entrepreneurs, specializing in online community building from Instagram to email marketing and beyond.

Her hobbies include Florida beach walks, RV-ing with hubby, and reading historical fiction. Ruthie is the founder of Authentic Online Marketing School where she teaches her Community Marketing Framework and podcasts at Authentic Online Marketing (so easy, your mom–or Carol Brady–can do it).

Connect with her on Instagram or her website authenticonlinemarketing.com.

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What if finding purpose after the kids leave isn’t just about rediscovering yourself, but also about navigating a whole new world of unexpected challenges?

Ruthie Gray’s journey from empty nesting to caring for aging parents while still pursuing her dreams is a powerful reminder that life’s purpose can take unexpected turns. As she shares her story, you’ll be surprised to find how her experiences resonate with your own, sparking a newfound sense of purpose and direction.

But that’s not all – her ultimate hope for you is to take action today, not in five years, to embrace the desires that God has planted in your heart.

Ready to navigate this new season with renewed purpose? Discover Ruthie Gray’s wisdom in her book “Empty Nest Awakening” and embark on your own journey of rediscovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discovering new passions and hobbies for fulfillment in the empty nest years.

  • Navigating the challenges and rewards of caregiving for aging parents.

  • Uncovering opportunities for personal growth and purpose after the kids leave home.

  • Exploring the role of faith and seeking guidance in the empty nest phase.


“[I encourage] the empty nest mom to think about the different things you’re good at. Don’t discredit anything because a lot of times you’re good at stuff that’s natural to you, but it’s not natural to everyone else.” Ruthie Gray
Community grows opportunity.” -Ruthie Gray
Regarding caring for aging parents: “I just want to encourage anyone out there that’s in this situation to try and get help sooner than you think you need to.” -Ruthie Gray

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