117: Ed Wiley | Christians Can Laugh Too

Ed Wiley | Christians Can Laugh Too

Ed Wiley | Christians Can Laugh Too

Ed Wiley is a comedian and tech guy who lives on a goat farm with his wife and their six children.

He’s traveled the country doing stand-up comedy, mostly at churches, but also at clubs and corporate events.

Ed is low-key known for doing impressions of famous people. Despite the hyper-polarized political climate – and doing impressions of often controversial figures – Ed has endeavored to create comedy that appeals to everyone.

His first national TV appearance was on the Circle Network’s “Standup Nashville” in 2020.  

Ed Wiley joins Amber to talk about his journey to becoming a comedian in the faith space, and how his role as goat farmer and homeschool dad often buffers his political jokes. Be prepared to laugh and to learn a little about differing views among Christians, and what it’s like to navigate that as an entertainer.

Christians Can Laugh Too Episode Questions:

  1. (8:21) So you’re a comedian, goat farmer, homeschool dad, impressionist, but I need the scoop on being a homeschool dad.  You have six kids, what does life look like for you as a homeschool dad?
  2. (15:00) Exactly what do goat farmers do?
  3. (22:34) At what point did you realize comedy was something you wanted to do as a profession?
  4. (41:53) What are some challenges of stand up comedy in the faith space?
  5. (51:39) I am a huge fan of George W. My affection for W. continues to grow, so will do an impersonation of George W?
  6. (55:38) I love that your family is a huge part of the work you do.  What are some of your favorite songs or videos you have done with them?

Quotes to Remember from Ed Wiley | Christians Can Laugh Too:

“Wherever you are in life today, just be thankful that you didn’t make the decision to own as many as 57 goats at one point.”

“I picked all the things that you could lose money at, like goat farming…and comedy.”

“Annie and I, my wife and I are the deleted scenes from Chip and Joanna, we will tell you the real deal.”

“It’s very rare for someone to launch into comedy and to be making enough to support a family…It takes a long time, you have to bomb a lot.”

“Professionally, you’re working at it, you’re working at the craft to pursue excellence and leaving the outcome to God.”

“When things started picking up for me I made a decision to take two of my girls, who really love performing…[and] we started doing bits together, and traveling around the country.”

“I was not smart enough to know that my jokes about goats cooking meth were not going to go well at a church service.”

“It still boggles my mind that I was able to travel the country doing a bit…and nearly every booking I got was based on someone who saw that viral video. I was able to go into conservative environments and do a Trump impression… and [they] paid me to do it.”

“It’s hard because you’re looking for those evergreen things that about 80% of the crowd is going to find funny.”

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Ed Wiley, It's very rare for someone to launch into comedy and to be making enough to support a family
Ed Wiley, my wife and I are the deleted scenes from Chip and Joanna

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