Christmas in July, Day 2: Dwell Differently | Natalie Abbott

Christmas in July: Dwell Differently | Natalie Abbott

Dwell Differently | Natalie Abbott

Natalie Abbott is a co founder of Dwell Differently. 
She and her husband, Jason, live in Jefferson City, MO with their five kids.
Natalie spent a long couple of years investigating God in college before finally understanding His perfect love for her in Christ. The journey since her conversion has been one of increasing wonder and humility at the sacrifice and continued love of Jesus for her. She consistently goes to the well of God’s word to drink deeply and find joy. 
At Dwell, we use Scripture designs to help you memorize one bible verse each month.

The co- founder of Dwell Differently, Natalie Abbott sits down with Amber to share how and why Dwell designs temporary tattoos, key tags, stickers and prints to help you memorize one Bible verse a month.

Christmas in July Questions:

  1. What is the mission behind Dwell?
  2. Share a bit of the backstory of Dwell.
  3. When someone purchases from Dwell, what can they expect to receive?
  4. What do you love about the work you are doing with Dwell?
  5. What is one of your most popular products/memberships?

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