Christmas in July, Day 8: The Daily Grace Co. | Joanna Kimbrel

The Daily Grace Co. | Joannna Kimbrel

The Daily Grace Co. | Joanna Kimbrel

Daily Grace Co exists to equip disciples to know and love God and His Word by creating beautiful, theologically rich and accessible resources so that God may be glorified and the gospel made known.

Joanna Kimbrel is the Director of Theology at The Daily Grace Co. and a co-host of the Daily Grace Podcast.

She lives in Georgia with her husband and two girls, where she serves on the worship team and women’s teaching team at her local church. 

Joanna loves spending time alone in a cozy coffee shop, Saturday morning adventures with her husband and daughters, singing, and chatting about theology.

The Daily Grace Co. Director of Theology, Joanna Kimbrel joins Amber to discuss discipling and spreading the gospel through Bible studies and other Christian resources.

Christmas in July Questions:

  1. What is the mission behind The Daily Grace Co.?
  2. Share a bit of the backstory of The Daily Grace Co  Why did Kristin decide to launch TDGC?
  3. You are the director of theology and co-host of TDGC podcast.  How does your team go about writing TDGC Bible studies and other resources?
  4. What do you love about the work you are doing with TDGC?
  5. What are a few of TDGC best sellers or your favorite resources?

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