259: Simple Practices for Building a Secure Attachment with God | Summer Joy Gross

Simple Practices for Building a Secure Attachment with God | Summer Joy Gross

Summer Joy Gross

Summer Joy Gross (MDiv, Virginia Theological Seminary) is an Anglican priest, retreat leader, and spiritual director whose work is guided by the belief that our stories can be transformed by God’s invitation to make his love our home base.

She is associate faculty of spiritual formation and the art of spiritual direction at the Healing Care Ministries’ spiritual direction school.

She is the host of The Presence Podcast and lives in North Georgia with her husband, their three teenagers, and their Brittany Spaniel, who points lawn ornament rabbits around their suburban neighborhood.

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Summer Joy Gross, an Anglican pastor, spiritual director, and author, brings a unique perspective to the conversation on secure attachment to God through spiritual practices.

With a deep understanding of attachment theory, Summer’s insights provide a fresh and relatable approach to experiencing God’s love in a profound and transformative manner.

Her book, “The Emanuel Promise,” delves into the powerful connection between attachment and our relationship with God, offering practical guidance to help individuals strengthen their bond with the God, our Father, through spiritual practices like Lectio Divina.

Key Takeaways:

  • The significance of forming a secure attachment to God
  • Attachment theory’s application to spiritual life
  • Transforming Fear into Freedom


“You are God’s beloved. You are God’s permanent residence. You are encircled by God all day long. You are one within whom God is at home.” -Summer Joy Gross

“Deep listening and deep lingering help us connect to the heart of God. Find the space to draw close to your bridegroom.” -Summer Joy Gross

“In the midst of life’s hurricanes, feel the truth of being hidden in the love of God. His arms are always open, ready to comfort and provide for His children.” -Summer Joy Gross

“Every day, open the door for God to flood you with His love. His presence is a privilege we can experience in every moment.” -Summer Joy Gross

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