89: Meg Glesener | Family Vision Casting

Meg Glesener on casting vision as a family

Meg Glesener | Family Vision Casting

Meg grew up in a home without faith. She had a rough childhood, which included divorce, alcoholism, abuse, and parents in and out of bad relationships.

At 16 she got saved when some friends shared the gospel with her.

At 17 she was kicked out of the house because she wanted to go to church.

Meg’s young faith started off strong, and she has always been passionate about loving God and His people. 

Meg and her husband reside in Seattle, WA. where they have planted a church and continue to serve the Lord in ministry. She is a mom to 8 and grandma to 5. 

She is the host of Letters From Home Podcast.

Meg Glesener joins me to discuss some practical ways to cast vision in your family, how it empowers your children to focus on the big picture and how it promotes family unity.

Questions Meg and I Discussed:

  1. (5:29): Today, we are going to talk about casting a vision for your family.  Give our listeners a little background about the family you grew up in and how you came to know Jesus.
  2. (16:07) What led you and your husband to begin intentionally casting vision in your family?
  3. (21:59) In your family, how did you go about casting vision?  (Together, as individuals, etc.)
  4. (28:47) How did having a family vision help you and your children?
  5. (30:18) For the listener, who is feeling the nudge to cast a vision for his/her family, what steps would you encourage them to take?
  6. (35:48)  What are some final words about family vision casting you would like the listener to take away?

Quotes to Remember:

“My childhood was pretty messy. In my in our home growing up there were so many strikes against me.” “I was really excited about being a Christian and being God’s child.  I had never even been to church.” “Our home is a place of service and blessing and we’re always remembering that we’re pilgrims and strangers here on the earth.” “I think when you take that extra time to build an environment of love and teamwork, and we’re all serving God together when they’re young that carries into their teen years.” “The responsibility is on us to set the direction and vision for the family and with the kids.” “It’s not something that I want people to think you have to have this big, rigorous plan to do everything perfect. Start somewhere and respond to your heart and your walk with the Lord.” “There’s a lot of ways to cast a vision to get your kids involved with your heart in serving, honoring God, and blessing your neighborhood.” “Casting a vision happens in the non-confrontational moments when the kids are the best versions of themselves, and they want to participate.”

Scripture References:

Romans 12

Resources Mentioned:

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Meg Glesener Inspirational Quote | Family Vision Casting
Meg Glesener Inspirational Quote | Family Vision Casting
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