75: Jessica Hottle | Moving Forward After Rejection

Jessica Hottle

Jessica Hottle’s passion is for helping women get emotionally and physically healthy while keeping God at the center.

She inspires and encourages thousands by sharing her own personal struggles, victories, and journey through life.

Jessica is a successful online entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster for What’s The Truth, and author of two best-selling books, Know Your Worth and A Worthy Wife. Along with a third book, Own Your Worth.

Her passions are being a wife to her husband, Jon, being a momma to their three cats, and spending her free time outside whenever she can (playing golf, hiking, reading, or writing in her journal).

Jessica has a heart that runs hard after Jesus and credits everything she has done to her Savior.

Jessica and I chat about walking forward in faith after rejection.  We discuss changing the narrative surrounding rejection, being humble, and growth that can result.

3:10 Share a little about your faith journey with us.  How did you come to know Jesus?

6:48 Today we are going to talk about how to keep walking forward in faith after rejection.  Will you share a time when you experienced rejection and how that experience launched you into this pursuit of helping women know their worth?

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero

11:21 What are some of the things you do now to help women view rejection differently?

  1. Change the narrative
  2. Be humble in the face of rejection
  3. Every time there is a rejection, a no, there is an opportunity to grow

“We still have work in the promise. We still are called to show up. I think that is what we see in David. He still served the king. He played the harp, right? He served his brothers.  There was servanthood in the midst of the waiting and even when Saul was after him, he still wanted to serve him… There is this heart posture that we need to get to in in that process of waiting.”

“A rejection from humans. a no from humans does not mean a no or rejection from God.”

17:48 Are there some questions that you ask yourself after experiencing rejection?

“You can generally ask yourself, what’s going on right now (both parties)? You have to understand both sides. Where is each side coming from? Because the more you can take yourself out of it, meaning, your identity and worth…. then you can start to formulate this kind of subjective view of the situation to be able to learn and grow from.”

“What can I do moving forward?”

20:19 Rejection often feels personal and sometimes it is, but either way rejection can result in bitterness or greater health after a slow healing process.  How do you encourage women to engage in the healing process?

“The more you’re willing to confront, the more you’re willing to heal.”

Phil. 1:9-10

27:31 How have you experienced growth as a result of rejection?

“But now when something comes up, I’m like, let’s nip it in the bud. Can we talk about what’s going on because the more the enemy can wedge his way in there. The more he can dominate, the more he can separate. Now whenever something comes up and I start to fill uneasy I just remember the promises and the reality that if something happens here, I’m still going to be taking care of here.”

31:48 Is there anything that has happened in your life where you had to cling to the grace of God moment by moment?

“During my physical healing journey. A lot of emotional healing came too.”

33:09 If you had the opportunity in the future  to sit down with, let’s say, great grandchildren, great nieces, best friend’s kids, is there some wisdom you would like to share with them?

“Nothing is ever as big as it seems.”

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