47: Katherine Jackson | Empowering Refugees Through Hope Threads

Katherine Jackson

Katherine is the co-founder of Hope Threads, an educational workforce program for refugee women in Raleigh, NC.

She is married to Mark.  Momma to 3 kids.  She resides in her hometown of Raleigh. 

Katherine and I chat about how she began building relationships with refugee women in our community which eventually led to the launch of an educational workforce program, Hope Threads.

3:52 Katherine shares how her journey with Jesus began

Campus Crusade

6:48 Hope Threads employs refugee women living in Raleigh, NC. Katherine shares how she  did you originally connected with refugee women and how that led to Hope Threads.

Vickery Trading Company

12:26 Katherine shares what a work day at Hope Threads looks like.

Northridge Bible Chapel

“Of course, we want to pay them fair wages. We want to empower and equip them, but we want them to know Jesus and we want their kids to know Jesus.”

Windblown Jewelry– Rachel Calhoun

“We all can agree we need prayer, we make that a priority every week.”

17:06 Katherine talks about fair wages

“Basically, when you say fair wage you’re saying, above minimum wage in a safe environment.”

18:23 Katherine shares a few of the challenges she faces at  Hope Threads

Documentary: The True Cost 

24:53 Katherine shares what keeps her pressing on

“You look all through Scripture and what is He [Jesus] doing? He’s meeting with the Samaritan woman and He’s meeting with and healing the leper and He is with those that are on the outside and He’s bringing them in. That was His ministry. When I’m thinking through my life and how I want to be like Christ and I want to be like Jesus, I can follow what He did.”

“Even the word refugee can be very polarizing for people with all of the politics going on right now. I’ll be honest, I don’t sometimes how I feel about that, but what I do know is that they’re here and they’re my neighbor and we are called to love them and to help them and I feel very passionate about that. Again, His entire ministry, Jesus while He was on this earth, was to bring in the outsider.”

27:33 Katherine shares how someone can help out with Hope Threads and the refugee community here in Raleigh

Refugee Hope Partners

  1. Volunteer in Hope Threads children’s program
  2. Shares Hope-Threads with friends and on social media platforms
  3. Sponsorship Program: Training women

31:12 Katherine shares an impact story with us about a few of the women employed through Hope Threads

Assimilate or Go Home by D.L. Mayfield

38:02 Katherine shares some of her hopes and dreams for Hope Threads in 2020

  1. We would love to see 25 new sponsors/month
  2. Build community with employees outside of Hope Threads
  3. Expand social media presence
  4. Expand wholesale partnerships
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