108: Amy Hale | How Bible Study Changed My Life

108: Amy Hale | How Daily Bible Study Changed My Life

Amy Hale | How Bible Study Changed My Life

Amy Hale is a wife, mom and “GiGi” who lives in the Memphis, TN area and loves teaching women how to cultivate friendship with God through daily prayer, study of His Word and reflecting Him by living as an image-bearer. 
She’s a Bible teacher, a conference speaker, an (accidental) Instagram influencer, and most recently launched a Facebook community group for Bible study with her friend Kristin called “Abiding Together”.
Most days you’ll find Amy singing in the car with her teenaged son, sharing her Bible study insights on Instagram or secretly spoiling Oliver, her Basset Hound.

Amy Hale joins me to discuss how her life changed when she began digging into God Word daily, becoming an accidental Instagram influencer, and cultivating conversation with God.

Questions Amy and I Discuss:

  1. (4:58) When Did you come to know Jesus? Tell us a little bit about your faith journey.
  2. (8:06) What led you to finally open up God’s Word?
  3. (12:22) Why did you begin sharing what God was revealing to you on Instagram?
  4. (14:28) As a teacher of God’s Word have you ever had a dark night of the soul or intense personal challenges?
  5. (20:58) Why is it important to praise God when you rise?
  6. (23:49) What is color coding? Why have you found it so valuable in your studying of God’s word?
  7. (33:06) On Instagram, what has been one of the most encouraging things to come from interacting with these women?
  8. (37:30) What would you say to that woman out there who’s struggling to get into God’s word?

Quotes to Remember:

“I grew up in church, but I did not read my Bible.”

“I was 45 ish years old when I realized God’s word is more than  important and a good thing, it’s necessary.”

“I saw quickly how hungry women were to open up the Word. I realized I had not been alone.”

“I’ve had women tell me the way that I would share [God’s Word] made it seem less intimidating, made it seem safe and inviting.”

“My friend Lisa Whittle, taught me the phrase, We need to lock eyes with God’….when I take a break from social media, it’s usually because I have no longer locked eyes with Him. I have started looking around at what other people are doing.”

“I get up in the mornings and want to do a million different things when what I need to do is to first be alone with the Lord. And so praising Him before I do anything else… is setting my feet on the right path.”

“Before I start my day, I’m preaching truth to myself reminding myself who He is.”

“God has shown me when He calls you to do something, He will 100% equip you to do it. My vocabulary is not as rich as a lot of other people, the way  I teach is super simple, but He has definitely shown me that people like that.”

“God is pleased with our desire to get into it [Bible] and to understand it so that we can better know Him and live for Him.”

“I talk to God so much when I’m reading His word and I haven’t always done that….Before I read, “God help limit distractions. Help me to focus on what I’m reading. God, will You reveal yourself to me? Will you please help me understand what I’m reading?’ “

“I ask him so many questions. And I do it because He answers. So I would say definitely spend more time in prayer.”

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