EP. 21 Jason Houser

Jason Houser | Seeds Family Worship, Founder, Singer, Songwriter

Jason Houser is a songwriter and worship leader that has been creating scripture worship music for the Seeds Family Worship ministry for the past 15 years. He has also written and produced music for Matthew West and other Christian artists. He was nominated for a Grammy with Matthew West for the song “The Motions” and also co-wrote West’s recents radio singles “Broken Things” and “All In”. Houser has been married for 23 years and he and his wife Heidi have 3 children, Ben (20), Brandon(17) and Abby (14). The Houser family, also known as Housermania, lived in Nashville, TN for 20 years, but now have returned to their hometown Twin Falls, Idaho. Houser is looking forward to leading worship on the Seeds TRUST JESUS Tour this summer with his boys and his niece and nephew as the worship team.

Jason and and I chat about how music had become an idol in his life. He shares about eventually surrendering it all to God and how that altered his journey to one of a restored marriage, writing Christian music, and eventually Seeds Family Worship.  Our conversation is one filled with joy, laughter and encouragement for families. Seeds Family Worship mission: To get God’s Word to as many hearts and homes as possible. 6:10: Jason begins sharing his faith journey with us “God revealed Himself to me through the mountains of Idaho, through His creation.” Selfish ambition was an idol in my life.  I would say things like, “We’re gonna make this happen.” “Ambition in and of itself is not a bad thing, but when it is based on you…And music is an amazing thing and it is such a gift in my life, but in that season music was an idol.  It came before the Lord.  That is when I took a wrong turn and I wondered away from the Lord, but God pursued me.” Psalm 40 (life verse) 9:24  Jason talks about switching from country music to Christian music.  He began working with Matthew West. Jason shares two examples of God’s grace in his life:
  1. He finally let go of music and that is when God gave him songs to write that become #1 hits.
  2. The gift of his 3rd a child.  A daughter, Abby.
11:30  Jason shares more details about how Seeds Family Worship came to be. “The Lord really showed me, quit chasing after things and seek me first. Like Matthew 6: 31-33 says, ‘Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.’ But if you go back to earlier in that verse it says, ‘Do not worry saying what shall we eat, what shall we drink, what shall we wear for the pagans run after all these thing and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them.’ The Lord showed me, ‘That’s you. You’re chasing after all these things.  Seek me first and I’m going to bring everything you need to you.” “God always gave me a heart for kids.” The children’s ministry director asked him to write 5 Scriptures to song for VBS.  They became the first 5 Seeds songs. 12:59 “At the end of the week, I could see, every child, every teacher knew every song word for word. And because where God had my heart, I saw something happening, because of how I am wired, ‘I’m like we could go for this and chase after this,’ but I thought, ‘No, if this is the Lord I’m not going to do anything.’ I kind of felt that thing where I just kind of charge, because how God made me, but I was like, ‘Lord, if you want this…” 14:25 Jason shares how Seeds Ministry has impacted his family personally and shares a few other impact stories. YWAM : Ben (Jason’s brothers) was a YWAM’er early on. “Worship girl” is Jason’s niece and she will be on tour with Seeds this summer. Summer Tour Dates Cast Your Cares (Psalm 55:22) Do Not Be Anxious About Anything (Phil 4: 6-7) Seeds Family Worship make excellent gifts.  Each album comes with two identical CD’s or download cards.  One to keep and one to giveaway. 21:51 Jason shares how Seeds has evolved into the digital age continuing their mission to get God’s Word into as many homes and hearts as possible. 22:23 Jason shares the available resources found on SeedsFamilyWorship.com Seeds partners with various ministries to make it easier for families to discover Word-based resources. “It’s hard to get into a habit of doing some family worship or discipleship (family time), but once you get into a rhythm….But you set aside a time, this is our family night, and the kids know….Then with the Seeds Family Box, the kids are excited, they get these activities and then you can say you’re going to have 4 times a month that we can sit down and go through one of these books. You pick out the resource that is going to be best for your family and just share it together. Trying to simplify it, because it is really not about the resource…it is about being intentional.” 27:09 “I just encourage parents, try to set those little habits. If you can set the habit, it will start shaping the culture of your home and it will make such a huge difference.” “My challenge to every family listening is: Can you set aside one night a week to have some spiritual family time?” Right Now Media: Seeds Family Worship Videos “That’s the heart behind the ministry is for families. The music, we gear toward kids, but hopefully to connect with families.” 29:30 Jason shares about Seeds most recent album: Jesus Each episode I aim to ask 1 or all of these questions toward the end of the show.  
  1. What is an area or situation in your life where you have experienced or had to cling to God’s grace (unmerited favor) the most?
  2. Where do you feel you need to pour out God’s grace more?
  3. For your great grandchildren listening to this years from now: is there any wisdom you’d want to pass on to them? What would you want them to know?
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