Ep. 03: Kathleen Skaar

Kathleen Skaar |
CHristian Library International

Founder and Executive Director of CLI. 

Christian Library International incorporated in March 1996 after Kathleen received Christ at a women’s retreat in 1995.  The Lord used Christian books to help Kathleen know him better and she wanted to help others grow in Christ.  

The first Christian library began at a local YMCA in Raleigh, NC with 100 books.  Within several years, it grew to include a number of other outreaches.

CLI began to receive letters from inmates and it soon became obvious that God was working in the prisons. In 2006 CLI refined its mission to focus its resources on prisons where Christian books were dramatically changing lives.

We open the episode 3 talking about how Kathleen’s dream to provide Christian books for people has led to a book ministry in 1600 PRISONS in every state. We talk about relying on God’s grace when your funds have dwindled to NOTHING. We talk about how Christian Library International (CLI) is discipling men and women in prison. 2:53  Kathleen shares the story of CLI “…I actually felt a movement of the Holy Spirit.” “In addition to reading the Bible I started reading Christian books.  Every time I had a question, God would bring just the right book at just the right time. 6:50  Kathleen shares a story about an inmate becoming a Christian after attempting to throw one of the books they had sent. 8:20  Christian Library International transitions from the YMCA to a prison ministry 8:40  Incremental calling:  being obedient to whatever step God calls us to take. -1st: We put the books in the YMCA -2nd: We went to local need- other Y’s, nursing homes -3rd:  We began calling prison chaplins. 10:30  They began stamping their address in books which led to testimonial letters from inmates. “God was working in the prisons and we needed to join Him there.” 2006 they pulled their resources together to make CLI a strategic prison ministry. “CLI is in 1600 prisons in all 50 states.” 15:20  Kathleen begins sharing a testimony from an inmate (Ryan in Maine). 18:40  CLI’s focus on discipleship. “Our volunteers have reviewed more than 10,000 Bible study lessons this year [2018].” 21:21 In you are interested in becoming a Bible minister. “A lot of inmates will say it means so much to know someone on the outside cares.  That is a very consistent thing we hear.” “We want the men and women in prison to be discipling others where they are there 24/7 and people are looking at them, other inmates, to see if they are going to live the life.” 23:50  CLI volunteers (stamp books, pack books, administrative work) Final Questions “It was like God’s liquid love pouring over me and I felt Him saying, ‘You know, I’m going to take care of you and this ministry and it won’t be your husband’s salary, it won’t be the sale of a big house, it will come from Me.'” “Prayer has always been a big part of our ministry from day one.” LINKS Christian Library International
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