Episode 02: Nikki Speer

Nikki Speer,
Redefined Courage

Wife to Gerrod (pronounces Jared) and mom to Colin, Savannah and Emma. I am passionate about my walk with Christ, my husband and my family. I enjoy long walks outside and connecting with people over coffee. The way I show love most is through food. Cooking for my family and friends is such a joy of mine.

I sit down to chat with Nikki Speer, the founder of Redefined Courage.  We discuss rebellion and how God draws us back to Himself during various seasons of life. We discuss her journey as a pre-vivor of breast cancer after and while tow of her aunts, her grandmother, and her mom battled breast cancer.We discuss her journey foundation and how it has helped her grieve the loss of her mother. We discuss her dream to GIFT every woman facing breast cancer surgery a FREE post-op shirt, so they experience HOPE and COURAGE in the face of challenge. 2:15 Nikki begins sharing her faith story. “Anger coupled with teenage emotions I decided I was just going to rebel, basically I’ll do what my parents want to an extent and then I am just going to go my own way. 3:20  At 19, Nikki found out her mom’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. 3:50 Nikki had her first son at the age of 22 “That was a long, hard road for me, but that is the road that led me back to following Christ.” 4:04  A second aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, along with her grandmother and her mother in 2006. 5:12  In 2011, during her 5 year check up, her mother was told the cancer had returned 6:35  Nikki begins to share about her rebellion as a wife and mother. “Lord, I am just going to rebel.  You said you were going to be here in this.  You were going to make this new. And here we are again.  We are walking through all of this junk….but the Lord has such an amazing way of drawing us back….” “There’s a better way, living angry like this and wanting to live again like the world, it never brought me anything….We took the job opportunity….I believe the Lord brought  us on that journey for healing.” 9:05  Journey to Mississippi with her family and God began to heal them. “My mom has seen me through many a trail and always said, ‘Come back home, girl.  We can work this out’… As the years progressed, my mom became very close to the Lord and someone I hope I emulate in my life (the way she loved and lived out her walk with the Lord).” 11:00 Nikki shares about her mom’s breast cancer developing into spots on her skin.  The diagnosis was literally breast cancer on her derma.  October 2015, her mom decided to stop treatment. “I think my day to day from there was clinging.  Clinging to Jesus.” “I was able to be with my mom when she took her last breath and met the Lord [77 days after stopping chemotherapy].” 12:20  We discuss her dad moving in with her family after the passing of her mother. 13:40  Nikki shares the story of how Redefined Courage came about “She said, ‘Nikki, I don’t feel like a woman.  I don’t feel beautiful.’  I said, ‘Mom, I’ll design clothing for you to wear.’  It came out of my mouth, but I really didn’t know what I was saying.” “I was on the way home from New York to North Carolina.  I was sitting in the chair and just felt the Lord say, ‘Draw a shirt.’ ” 15:12  The first shirt Nikki drew was a post-op shirt. “Every night at dinner we would sit down and I would say, ‘Guys, I need your help.  We’ve gotta come up with a name.  I’ve prayed about this.  I’ve done this. What about this Scripture?  I brought my whole family into and I feel it really helped all of us heal….” 18:35  Nikki shares a “God story” from the beginning of Redefined Courage.  A story where God’s repetitive Yes is confirmation that we are doing what He has called us to do. “I have been on my knees for the last 3 years saying, ‘Lord, this is Your thing.  You called me to it.  You make it what it is supposed to be.  Don’t let me try to make it something it’s not.  I want to bless women.'” 21:20  Nikki shares how someone goes about receiving a FREE post-op shirt. www.redefinedcourage.com/freepostopshirt Manufacturer:  Carolina Cut and Sew 23:10 “My dream is that every woman in the world would go home with a post-op shirt after a surgery.” “It motivates me so much that we can help others, for the Lord, in honor of my mom.  I always think of those times.  I think of all the names written on my prayer wall of the women we have touched, whether that’s been a shirt or just people emailing me asking me to pray for them or someone sending a donation (just a random person saying, ‘I believe in what you do’).  Every day something like that happens and so yes, there is always a reminder…. I am always looking back and saying ‘Thank you, Lord.'” 26:50 We begin discussing how Nikki is bringing awareness to Redefined Courage and what they offer. “I feel we can bring encouragement.  We can bring love and hope to women with what we are doing.” “We want to bring awareness to action.  That is who Redefined Courage is.” www.redefinedcourage.com
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